Will I be okay?

It’s only when we lose something that we know it’s true value.


It’s only when that thing

whether it be human or object

living or not

has completely vanished.


It’s only when that ‘thing’

has been entirely removed

from our lives

that we get a feel for how life is

or was supposed to be

without it. 



with the lack of its existence,

you may feel yourself returning to old habits

whether good or bad

beneficial or not.


Substitution is the most common way

it quickens time

eases you out of your misery

by tricking your mind into thinking that thing never really left.


Substituting his lips for a dimming cigarette

or for one that shares his race.


Substituting rage in the form of screams

for punches thrown at a hanging sack.


Expressing emotion through letters

rather than tears trickling down your face.


It’s a form of coping,

of convincing yourself that you are okay

until you actually are.


If you repeat ‘bloody mary’ thrice

it’s said that she’ll appear.

If i repeat ‘i’ll be okay’ thrice

will I be?


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