We always want what we cannot have

“We always want what we cannot have”

It’s a painful truth that we seek the things we cannot have or that are “too far out of reach”. We long for what should not be ours, whatever the reason may be. Despite denials, we pursue challenges. If something is easily obtainable and doesn’t require much effort we won’t value it. Honestly, we will most likely neglect its existence.

It’s commonly known that if we are told we cannot do something, we will gain even more interest to do it. For something to be forbidden, there is a reason behind it, and we long to either understand that reason or see beneath it. We wish to run after things that other people cannot, so that we can be ‘unique’ or the ‘first’ to do something. That’s another truth. As humans, we long for “first’s”. We desire to be looked at in awe. Whether we were the first to manage an olympic medal or the first to make her fall in love, we take pride in a title that is only ours.

If anyone can have it, what’s the point in being just another person? 


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